I’ve always been curious about traveling, cultures, languages, art, the stories of the world.
So, when I found how natural a camera felt in my high school hands, it became the tool I used to see and feel and read them all.

I haven’t stopped clicking since.

When I started snapping weddings nearly 10 years ago, it was that same curiosity and super obsession with stories that became my favorite part. Everyone’s story is fascinating and beautiful and hilarious in all kinds of ways, so to be invited into each one and get to take beautifully composed and exposed photographs of it? 

It’s the dream.

Add in Hogwarts, Whataburger, my cat Hazelnut, my corgi Colbi and my husband Douglas?

Well, that’s the Friday night dream.

Oh, hi!
I’ll try to make this

times I'VE rewatched
the office


countries traveled


Weddings shot


"I don't care what they say about me, I just want to eat."

Favorite Quote

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In N Out



Going Out

Staying in



I asked my husband for a fun fact about me and he said "You're pretty good at petting cats".


I studied abroad in France and speak French fluently. Well, except for that one time someone asked me how I was doing and I thought they asked my name and I accidentally shouted "KALEY!" instead.


I am a die hard The Office fan! We even dappled it throughout our wedding!


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