Every person that comes to me looks at me with terrified and says, “But... we’re REALLY awkward. We don’t look like the people in your photographs!”

Let me hit you with some truth - you’re not awkward. And even if you are, I promise you I won’t let you feel awkward. Trust me - I talk enough for all three of us! I’ll pose you, position you, and most importantly, tell you exactly what to do with your hands. From there, I’ll step back and let you two talk, hang out in that pose, and get comfy. 

I get it - taking photos is awkward!

The Engagement


           Once you start laughing and smiling for real - BAM - I get the shot.

Engagement sessions are an hour of laughing until it hurts, looking into your partner’s eyes more than you ever thought you would, and getting lost in each other. 

I like to think that engagement sessions are like awesome little trial runs. It helps you and your partner get to know your photographer, and what it’s like to be in front of the camera so it’s old news on wedding day. Plus, it’s a time to get photos of yourselves together, exactly as you are right now. Excited, maybe even a little nervous, and on the verge of spending the rest of your life with your person.

6-8 weeks after your wedding date, the online gallery will arrive! Your face will light up with laptop glow while you smile and sob through 500-800 edited, high res photos. You can print ‘em, you can email ‘em you can inundate socials with ‘em (just remember to credit us!)

If we are a good fit, it’s full speed ahead with an online booking link, contract and 50% retainer fee payment. I’ll send over regular emails with tips, planning ideas, wardrobe guidance, anything and everything. 30 days before the wedding, we’ll do a thorough run of your timeline. When your day is here, your only job is to relax, smile and have fun. I’ll do the rest!

The first step is to say hello with a completed contact form. I’ll ring your bell for 30 minutes to get to know you two - how you met, how the proposal went down, which songs you will absolutely be out on the dance floor getting down to... you know, the good stuff. Full disclosure - my corgi LOVES to join in on phone conversations, so you’ll probably see her little snout pop up. 




Choosing your wedding photographer is the second best part of wedding planning - right under cake testing.


The Wedding


Okay, okay. Maybe not officially, but why shouldn’t it be?! Not only will your photographer be one of the people you communicate with the most, but they’ll be by your side all day on your wedding day making you feel like a million bucks while taking kick-ass photos. You want someone you can trust, and someone who you can be around for 8 hours and still love them just as much at the end as you did in the beginning. I may be biased, but if that’s as important to you as it is to me, then I think you’re in the right place.

PREPARE TO HIRE A PHOTOGRAPHER WITH A SIDE OF THERAPIST. No, seriously. This process gets intense with details leading up to the day, so you’ll be leaning on me as a bestie sounding board for all things wedding.

a quick aerial view of our process



Laid Back




Dog Obsessed


really intO THE LATEST THING ON netflix 


in love with life


Beyonce, always


You are my favorite person



My Brides Are...

If you love what you see and feel like I’m your girl, let’s chat!